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Art Miami

Globally-renowned painters Sky Kim and Ole Aakjær, along with pioneering LA graffiti master turned auction darling RISK, wowed the crowds at a sensational year for Art Miami. 

Kim (b. 1970) and Aakjær (b. 1962) engaged in lively, intimate conversations with buyers from around the world eager to learn more about their exquisite, large-scale watercolor paintings. 
Seoul, South Korea-born, New York-based Kim’s meticulously  patterned, enthralling watercolor paintings that operate as optical illusions transfixed viewers. 

Copenhagen-based Aakjær ‘s intricate, introspective watercolor and ink portraits of women drew immediate buyers intoxicated by the bold colors and symbols he uses to convey empathy and introspection.

A wide array of art and music lovers converged in a VIP booth dedicated to the rise of street art in the fine art space, eager for the opportunity to chat with RISK (b. Kelly Graval, 1967) about his jaw-dropping metallic tissue sculptures, his brazen, yet elegant neon works, and his newest exploration into woven Crossroads canvases. Masterpieces by Bansky’s primary influence, Blek le Rat (b. Xavier Prou, 1952) rounded out the experience.

A far-reaching display of works by British multimedia artists Connor Brothers (b. 1975, b. 1978), Atlanta-based  contemporary abstract painter Imani Bilal (b. 1983), Brooklyn-based autodidact painter and illustrator Logan Sylve (b. 1995), lusly-layered photo-based figurative landscapes by celebrity photographer turned fine artist Raphael Mazzucco (b. 1965), and monumental Shadowman masterworks by Richard Hambleton (b. 1954; d. 2017), generated energy in the second VIP booth. Chase displayed more Hambleton’s in the dining area.

A rare hyperrealistic sculpture by Evan Penny (b. 1953) sold immediately and continued to fascinate passersby throughout the week. Fairgoers gazed intently at a legendary Banksy mural, Haight Street Rat (May 2010), a prodigious stencil on Redwood siding exclusively on view alongside Chase Contemporary’s leading roster of artists. 

Chase Contemporary created the most sought-after scene of the fair, quickly selling out paintings by 10-year-old San Diego, California-based contemporary artist Andres Valencia (b. 2011), benefiting the Perry J. Cohen Foundation. Thousands raced to the booth featuring his large, dramatic, colorful figurative paintings that are deeply inspired by George Condo, Picasso, and Cubism. Buyers and admirers included celebrities Sofía Vergara, Brooke Shields, Channing Tatum, and Jordan Belfort. A day after a press conference led to a frenzy of front-page headlines and broadcast buzz, Valencia was joined by Bradley Theodore for a live painting session that awed onlookers.