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Art New York 2019 - Art Fairs - Chase Contemporary

Chase Contemporary is proud to present never-before exhibited kinetic works by esteemed artist, inventor, & pioneering engineer Chuck Hoberman. Hoberman’s work is a combination of precise mathematics and an integration of organic movements inspired by nature. We will be unveiling five sculptures at the 2019 New York Art Fair- one in our booth, ANY306, and four in the VIP lounge and adjoining public areas. This is the first time Hoberman’s sculptures will be commercially available in a gallery.

“The underlying theme of my kinetic sculpture is transformation itself. Since everything changes all the time (including ourselves), it’s a topic that seems almost too large to grasp. My primary inspiration comes from nature- watching the endlessly changing shapes of clouds on a clear day, the curling flow of a turbulent fluid, or a time-lapse film of a growing plant. My creative focus is to make our experience of transformation visible and visceral. The viewer sees the artwork fluidly transform as it rearranges all of its parts, similar to how natural organisms grow by rearranging their own cells and molecules.”
—  Chuck Hoberman