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Chor Boogie

Chor Boogie, a.k.a. Joaquin Lamar Hailey, is a critically acclaimed spray paint artist. Chor Boogie is recognized for having achieved a groundbreaking level of technical virtuosity in the medium of spray paint. He approaches his use of color as a form of therapy and visual medicine. Chor is primarily a self-taught artist, though he was first nurtured by the world of street art. Through his dynamic range of artistic styles, Chor addresses social issues including environmental preservation, human rights, class struggle, corporate corruption, drug policy reform, health care.

In 2014 he was honored by Société Perrier as being number three among the Top Ten U.S. Street Artists. His visionary murals and art exhibitions have appeared all over the globe including venues such as the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Smithsonian, Museum of Public Arts in Baton Rouge, Museum of Art Puerto Rico, LA Art Fair, Scope Art Fair Miami Beach, Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, Museum of Man in San Diego, San Diego Museum of Art, Children’s Museum in San Diego, Syracuse University Museum, and the Vision Arts Festival in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Miami New Times named his mural on Macaya Gallery as the Best Miami Mural for 2016. 

In October, 2010 Chor Boogie's “The Eyes of the Berlin Wall”, sold for 500,000 euro making history for the street art genre. Clients include Google, Ritz Carlton, MTV, Heineken, and others. His portraits have been commissioned by celebrities such as Hugh Hefner, Jay Z, the artist formerly known as Prince, Lady Sovereign, Wu-Tang Clan, Rage Against the Machine, and N.W.A. 

Chor Boogie lives & works in the San Francisco Bay Area.