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Evan Penny

South African native Evan Penny (b. 1953) is known for sculptures of human forms made of silicone, aluminum, pigment and hair. He graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design before receiving a postgraduate degree in sculpture. Penny then developed a personal aesthetic based on exploring how various artistic trends have influenced sculptural realism. From precise lifelike representation of people, to stretched or blurred partial bodies, Penny says he is interested in “situating the sculptures perceptually between the way we might see each other in real time and space and the way we imagine our equivalent in a photographic representation.”

Over 30 years, Penny’s work has transitioned from sculpture and digital photography to 3-D imaging and reproduction. He believes that “the real can't be represented or symbolized,” leaving everything to be a representation. He forecasts age-development through how subjects are represented, accentuates variability in features or body parts, and distorts seemingly realistic features to theoretically examine human relation to the world. Penny has had exhibitions in the Museum London in London, Ontario, the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta, New Orleans, Louisiana, San Diego, California and Austin, Texas.