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Jud Bergeron

Born in 1972 on a Navajo reservation in Arizona, Jud Bergeron is an American Sculptor whose works fuse his foundation in realist sculpture with new materials and geometric shapes. Bergeron grew up in a family of artists constantly surrounded by art; he is a seventh generation artist, but the first sculptor in his family. Bergeron is classically trained in French figurative sculpture which he studied at The Old Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Connecticut under Antoine Bourdelle, a student of Rodin. Then, he traveled across the United States, working at different foundries. It was during this time that Bergeron started to approach his works with monumental and long-lasting materials such as bronze, stainless steel, and steel as well as bringing in architectural elements.

The digital age exerts influence onto Bergeron’s works; elements of 3D-printing and laser cutting are omnipresent in his sculptures, manifesting into a distinctly futuristic aesthetic.