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Kinki Texas

Kinki Texas was born Holger Meier in Bremen, Germany, in 1969. His alias originated from an exhibition that he titled “Kinki Texas Graffitis.” The title was meant to imply a type of disreputable cowboy mural. Kinki Texas, who’s practice emerged out of a punk and underground culture, is known for his manic illustrations and mixed media paintings, which call to mind the gonzo art of Ralph Steadman. 

Drawing inspiration from the comic genre, history, graffiti, punk culture, the mythology of the American West, and historical European painting, Kinki Texas achieves complex tableaus full of contradictions and chaos. His often turbulent compositions evoke a sense of mystery and reverie. His mixed media paintings refer to specific historical events, battles, or philosophical annecdotes. 

The artist paints in what he calls "Kinki Texas Space"- a fictional space where his characters live and exist. The characters are strange, bizarre, and heroic. "My paintings are a kind of courtly painting, merely transposed into the modern age." Historical painting has always occupied his mind and is recurrent in his painting. The narrative is not historically accurate but rather broken up, interpreted, and deliberately falsified. He finds history more fascinating than contemporary life, which is why he often depicts scenes of knights and battles among castles and palaces. 

Kinki Texas typically exhibited his work in unconventional spaces, including the factory of an abandoned mattress factory in his hometown of Bremen and a ghost town in the middle of the desert in Texas. More recently, his works can be found in galleries across the globe, including Denmark, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States. He has been exhibiting his work since the late 1980s and has worked with digital techniques since the ‘90s, specializing in three-dimensional animation, video installations, and music videos. He received his Master’s Degree in cultural studies and philosophy from the University of Bremen in 2005, where he later received a Ph.D. in philosophy. Kinki Texas currently lives and works in Bremen.