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Untold Stories

Ole Aakjær
Please Step Aside, 2018
Water Color on Paper
19 x 55"

Ole Aakjær has gained recognition as the one of the leading artists in Denmark. His watercolor and ink paintings are painted in a signature figurative style of highly structured compositions layered with symbolism. Untold Stories is his first solo exhibition in the United States.

Portraits with multilayered symbolism reveal inspiration from music, literature, film, and photography. Watercolor, which has a life of its own, leaves behind imperfections, adding to the uniqueness and humanity of each piece. This complexity deepens the dramatic effect put forward by the artist with his use of abundant color and rich hues. Aakjaer portrays mysterious women that are sensual, alluring and untamed. A piercing female gaze dares the viewer to uncover her secrets.

Aakjær affixes his hues and combines them with an apparent ease, and his works appear with a force and presence full of passion and power. The main represented theme, widely portrayed throughout the history of art, is the beautiful young woman. In his case, she is complex and fearless. Aakjær examines the female face as a gateway to the soul. Although she courageously meets the eyes of the spectator with energy and obstinacy, her inner life and secrets remain intact. Her body is tattooed with texts and characters. We can also recognize a subtle influence from the world of advertising and graphic design, observing the margins of framing and the presence of oversized keywords in certain artwork.

Ole Aakjær was born in Denmark in 1962. He has won numerous awards and competitions and has had 40 acclaimed solo exhibitions throughout Denmark as well as in New York City, Paris, Montreal, Switzerland where he has established a strong collector base and reputation.