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Complicated Flowers: Portraits of women with multilayered symbolism revealing their secrets


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Courtesy of Galerie LeRoyer

Ole Aakjaer is an internationally-recognised watercolour artist, whose love of music, literature, films and photographs, along with his childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist, has inspired him to create a unique and vibrant style of paintings.

His medium of choice is one that is not easily tamed; watercolour has a life of its own, leaving behind imperfections that, like scars on the skin, add to the uniqueness and humanity of each piece. This complexity deepens the dramatic effect put forward by the artist with his use of abundant colourful hues and hidden symbolism, creating daring female portraits that cannot be forgotten.

These highly structured compositions unravel an entire world before us, one filled with hidden messages. Like a map, the artwork guides us through the multilayered symbolism-laden in each individual piece. Aakjaer portrays mysterious women that are sensual, alluring and untamed. Her piercing gaze is daring the viewer to uncover her secrets. Like constellations, Aakjaer’s artwork shift in time and space, and require close attention to be unveiled by our own imagination.

Now, Ole Aakjaer’s first solo exhibition in North America is to be presented by Galerie LeRoyer in Montréal. Complicated Flowers – Ole Aakjaer will run from 5 July until 28 July 2018.

By Tora Baker
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