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The LISA Project Picks Their Favorite Artworks From Artnet’s ‘Urban Art’ Sale


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Courtesy of Artnet News

If there’s anyone who knows street art, it’s the founders of the LISA Project: as a volunteer-based non-profit organization, LISA Project has been dedicated to bringing a diverse group of local, national, and international artists to Lower Manhattan. Over the last eight years, it has grown into an incredible cultural force that’s collaborated with artists ranging from Shepard Fairey to Stik, bringing their art to life in the form of vibrant murals you can find scattered throughout downtown Manhattan.The project’s success is all thanks to the leadership of two people, Wayne Rada and Rey “The DR¡F” Rosa: Wayne, a lifelong art enthusiast with a background in comedy, who acts as the organization’s curator and director, and Rey, muralist and photographer, who together co-founded the LISA Project NYC to help create opportunities for artists and bring greater appreciation and awareness for art to the public.

We recently connected with the dynamic duo at the perfect time — Artnet Auctions just launched the latest edition of its Urban Art sale. Full of popular prints and bold original works by KAWS, Dondi White, Banksy, Richard Hambleton, Rammellzee, and many more, this online auction is live for bidding now through March 12. On a sunny Monday afternoon, we caught up with Wayne and Rey who shared their favorite works in the sale:

Richard Hambleton, Exploding Shadow Head
“Living in the East Village for the last 21 years, we were lucky enough to have seen ‘The Shadowman’ in studio action. It was easy to get sucked into his madness, and instantly understand why he was one of our Street Art pioneers. This moody piece feels like a self-portrait of an artist’s uncertain future transferred to canvas.”

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Courtesy of Artnet News

Kenny Scharf, Untitled #2
“If you asked us who would we include on the Mount Rushmore of New York’s Downtown art scene, Kenny Scharf would be there. His work taps into that inner child in all of us, full of energy and joy. Who wouldn’t love to wake up to this happy little guy everyday?”

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